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Introducing Kimberley Sander

Take a look at these beautiful woodcut prints

Take a look at the latest additions to our extensive, ever-growing collection of wall art include these beautiful woodcut prints by artist Kimberley Sander.

Self taught creative Kimberley Sander combines both her passions of biology and art to create these stunning nature inspired prints. Using a process called woodcutting, she is able to showcase the fascinating shapes and patterns found in the natural world around us. Her work is an exploration of the earthly beauty found in organic objects that may otherwise remain overlooked.



Tree Rings Print    Tree Rings Print

With her father a successful artist and her mother a garden designer, growing up with creative parents was always going to play a huge part in mapping Kimberley’s future pathways. Developing a strong interest in artistic activities from an early age, a pencil, pen, glue and needle became her essential allies. After continuing her artistic pursuits through school and college, Kimberley decided to take a different route for the next part of her education, deciding to study Anatomy and Physiology at University.

Lending her eye for detail to scientific research, Kimberley soon started to notice the ever present connection between art and science, discovering the natural colours, shapes and textures that appeared in the organisms she was studying.

“There is so much visible and hidden beauty in the natural world that is often taken for granted. The amount of different colours, shapes and textures in the natural world is so vast that there is a constant source of inspiration. Life, and the way organisms work and interact fascinates me, and being able to translate that into a piece of art that people can hang in their homes and admire is fantastic.”

Cypress Tree Rings

Cypress Tree

Kim Sander

With the love of art deep rooted in her heart, Kimberley became inspired to translate her findings into visual pieces for others to enjoy. After attending a screenprinting course several years ago, she began to experiment with different printing effects including lino cut, stamping and wood block printing. Gradually captivated with woodblocking and the elegant results it created, she began carving directly into the wood itself to create a diverse range of patterns. Although time consuming and hard wearing on the hands, Kimberley’s ability to translate the aesthetic characteristics found in wood is sophisticated and refined.

The time taken for each print varies on the diameter of the wood being used, it can take anywhere from 6 to 16 hours to complete. Factors such as the hardness, thickness and distance between the rings all play a part in adding time to the process, with sanding and carving being the most difficult task. All that being said the most rewarding part to Kimberley is the grand unveiling of each print, peeling the paper off the wood to discover a wonderfully inked impression underneath. Of course this doesn’t always happen and each work is an unpredictable experiment that can produce varying results.

Scots Pine Wood Cut

Kim Sander Artist


To find the perfect wood to work with Kimberley searches through piles of logs from different trees to find one’s that she thinks are visually interesting. With variety playing a fundamental role in her selection process, she chooses a number of different shapes, sizes and ring amounts. Enlisting her garden designer Mother to help her identify tree types, different species hold meanings and this is a quality she wants to communicate through her art. Preferring to work with a more rustic approach, she holds a penchant for those with with exciting, jagged edges as she knows these will give a great result once printed. By looking at the number of rings on a given log, she can tell roughly how old the tree is along with other effects that are altering our natural surroundings such as climate change. In the future she would like to look more closely at the practice of Dendrochronology, the study of tree rings and use this in her work to produce number orientated works for birthdays and numbered occasions

If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of nature to your home these remarkable woodcut prints are the perfect way to bring a hint of the outdoors in.

Tree Rings Print    Tree Rings Print

 Kimberley’s work is available as signed giclée prints on, click the prints to see more details.