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Posted by admin in Ideas and tips
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s day is fast approaching! We at Evermade feel that Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be about couples but can be about telling the people you care about you love them, whether that person be a friend or family. So have a look at our valentine gift ideas to share with your loved ones.

Message on a Bean

Credits to ‘BEEcycle’

This lovely gift idea was posted by ‘Something Nice Today’. If your loved ones have a bit of a green thumb, this would be an ideal gift for them. Not only is it a sweet gift but something they can keep for a long while (assuming they look after it!).
Check out the rest of the post here.

Fruit Stickers

Credits to ‘Twig and Thistle’

If you would prefer something cute and discreet how about leaving a ‘fruit sticker’ on fruits for your valentine. Each sticker has a unique message according to the fruit is it designed around. There are several different fruit messages you can choose from, you can see the rest here.

Porcelain Dish

Credits to ‘sf girl by bay’

Check out these adorable matching porcelain dishes from ‘sf girl by bay’. You could use it to hold ‘salt and pepper’ in or anything else that you think would go together. This gift would be ideal for those who love home-wear. I think the simplicity is beautiful, don’t you?
You can buy and find out more about them here.

Handmade Sweet Bags

Credit to ‘Oh Happy Day’

For those of you looking to get creative for Valentines check out this post by ‘Oh Happy Day’. Originally designed as favors for weddings but we feel they would make perfect little gifts for your loved ones (especially those with a sweet tooth!). But don’t feel you have to use these bags to hold only sweets, you could use it to hold jewellery, or a sweet note, anything you want to show your love.
Find out how you can make yourself one of these, including the flower, here.

‘Cream in my Coffee’

Credits to ‘Eef etc’
And last but not least a valentine’s card design by ‘eef etc’. I personally like this version of turquoise. You can download this copy for free here.
So there you have it, Evermade’s first ever guide to Valentine’s guide to gift ideas. We hope this has been useful and inspiring to you guys, so get out there and get going to show your loved ones you care.