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Posted by cara in Stockist Feature
Stockist Spotlight: Vivid Palette

Just slightly West of Brighton Pier on the lower promenade, you can find the Artist Quarter. Formerly Fisherman arches, they now play home to more then a dozen small artist studios, shops and galleries. As you can imagine, during the Summer months this place is awash with visitors, enjoying then sun and looking for a suitable souvenir to take home. Brighton is known to have a reputation of encouraging artistic activity, whilst providing a hub of creativity and supporting network for the art community.

We took a trip to to the famous archways to visit one of our stockists Vivid Palette.

Can you tell us the story behind Vivid Palette?

Vivid Palette is a Brighton seafront gallery in the Artist Quarter, we occupy what used to be old fisherman arches. The original floor still has the chips on them from dropped tools fisherman used to repair the boats.

What do you look for when you select products for the store?

The words ‘Vivid Palette’ actually define what inspires us to display and sell. The work we choose is always colourful, unique, quirky and contemporary, much like Brighton itself.


What is the best thing about being in Brighton?

As a city by the sea, Brighton doesn’t shut down in the Winter. Even in January the front can be packed at a weekend with people soaking in vitamin D and escaping a month of trudging shopping malls previously.

Are there any exciting emerging, local artists you’ve recently discovered?

We are especially excited by the new work we have just got in from Lian Nicholson from Crafty Foxx and we really love her fabric cowboy and cactus piece.


How did you find out about Evermade and what appealed to you about our products?

We first spotted the Zoo Portraits at the Prince’s Trust Christmas Fair. We were invited in our capacity as mentors and also previous recipients many years ago. We loved the quirkiness of them and the thought that had gone into the choice of clothes and animals. The quality of the printing, paper and images themselves is excellent.

Why do you think our Zoo Portraits make such great gifts for Brighton visitors and locals?

They are very affordable gifts for people! Over the last few months we have noticed people spending time matching their friends to different animals. Once hooked many clients are now building up substantial zoos of their own.

What’s next for Vivid Palette?

With warmer weather almost upon us, the gallery will never be empty with visitors from all parts of the world, some hopefully taking home a Zoo Portrait in their suitcase.

Vivid Palette can be found at 245 Kings Road Arches, Brighton BN1 1NB