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Evermade Tshirt Contest


Evermade clothing is on its way this summer, and we are inviting you to get involved.

The idea is simple, if your submission gets selected you will get:

  • £150 for the use of your design on the front of a T-shirt.
  • £3 royalties for every sale of the T-shirt.
  • The T-shirt with your design.
  • £100 to spend on

The brief:
There are two themes to choose from, “Silent Era” and “Daylight Slobbery”.

A celebration of the silent film genre.

Be a slob. Be proud.


Please make of these what you will… that’s the fun of it.

Artwork will not be judged on loyalty to the brief, these are just starting points for your creative process.

Artwork guidelines:
Please make sure your completed artwork is in vector format. Submissions can be sent as medium res images or vector PDFs to

Maximum 3 colours.

Submission Deadline Friday May 24th 2013

If you are a little stuck for time, and would like to submit a draft/sketch then we will also consider the entry for further development.

Multiple entries welcome.

Other notes:
All submissions must be original and if chosen, exclusive to Evermade.
Please note: due to the quantity of submissions, we may not be able to provide feedback on every single entry.

We look forward to seeing your work.

The Evermade Team