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Posted by cara in Art Prints, and Artist Profiles
Artist Feature: Yago Partal

We love Yago Partal’s charismatic Zoo Portraits, a series of animal profiles paired with human clothing, for an amusing and impressive result.

Based in Barcelona, Yago is talented in a multitude of visual disciplines including photography, video production, graphic design and illustration. In between running his own successful production company, he still finds the time to create personal work, including the large herd of digitally created animals that have been extremely well received on a global scale. Currently armed with an ever growing entourage of charming creatures, the image manipulation master shows no signs of stopping with his expanding range of humorous portraits that appeal to everyone.


Captivating and surreal pictures that blend the animal world with the iconic fashion and poses identified with celebrities and models.” -Design Inspiration


Yago initially came up with the idea when trying to think of an idea to promote a photography website for actors, actresses and models. Previously teaching in a make up school for a year had given him an eye opening insight into the power of transformation and identity. Whilst brainstorming ideas on how to stand out from conventional headshots, he noticed that certain people held slightly animal like features and began to think of ways to merge the two personas. Vola! A simple yet entertaining idea was born, an unusual formula with endless possibilities.


His process is one of admirable skill and attention to detail, taking extra care to seamlessly blend and carefully construct these incredible portraits. Using fragments of photographs and textures, he works in Photoshop to create a layered collage of these different effects. Adding volume and light to the image, he repeats the same process for the clothing, gradually building a detailed character profile. Bearing such a close resemblance to a realistic image, it really is extraordinary just how natural Yago manages to produce these textures look digitally.


To find a suitable attire for each specimen, he searches the internet for ideal outfits and tries to find clothing that best fits the personality of the animal. These can range from smart shirts, to plumped up puffer jackets, even added accessories make an appearance to complete the individual style that is unique to each profile.


Yago thoroughly enjoys the moment of realisation when he notices some of his portraits look like people he actually knows and counts this as one of the most fun parts of creating his work. Sometimes this is clear to him from the beginning, starting the piece with an end visual goal. Other times the personality appears after the portrait has been created and is the result of experimenting with different pairings of animals and clothing.

Frog Art print

As you can imagine the Zoo portraits have been widely admired, with people from around the world even using them on social media as avatars and profile pictures. They seem to strike a personal chord with a great deal of individuals, as recognising animalistic traits in others they know is something a lot of people can identify with. Ideal for animal lovers, the combination of clothing and creature together really brings each personality to life, allowing the viewer to form their own narrative about the character in view.


As this is an ongoing project, Yago still hopes to add many more to his already large collection and has a growing list of other animals he’d like to produce for the future.

With an animal to suit everyone, these cheeky critters will liven up any wall space, starting from £35 unframed or £85 framed.

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