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Posted by charlotte in Ideas and tips
The Body Behind the Book

Have you ever considered the letters you’re reading right now are made up of their own little bodyparts? The ‘shoulder’, ‘body’, ‘bowl’, ‘character’ and ‘face’ are just a few of the ‘bits’ that make up your name. We’ve put together a diagram of the Anatomy of a Typeface for all you budding typophiles!

Perhaps already a familiar image to you, but this is still the classic first lesson in understanding the elements that make up a typeface…


Delve deeper into the biology of the typeface by visiting the Typographer’s Glossary on

We absolutely love this witty take on the Anatomy of a Typeface by Björn Johansson

Here’s a handful of some of our favourite typo-sites for you to explore more ‘bodies’ for yourself : Typophile, Thinking with Type, I Love Typography, Typographica